1) How many optional "Workshops" do I have to complete?

You need to complete a minimum of three units for Masters and six units for PhDs. However, be sure to sign up for everything you are interested in, so we can gage interest and create activities.

2) What if I change my mind with the workshops that I registered in?

At any time you can add workshops to your registration. After you log into the system, click on “Start New Registration” to go back to the main list of choices and select more options. Remember we only care about the workshops that you complete, but If you want to remove a registered course, please contact us.

3) Who do I contact for feedback and questions?

If you have technical questions regarding the tracker, please contact Stacey Harper. We’re trying out something new for tracking, that means we are learning what works best and trouble-shooting any challenges. Don't waste time and get frustrated. We can help you one on one. We will keep track of feedback and challenges, so we can continually improve the system and make decisions for the future.

4) Who do I contact whem I complete a workshop?

When you complete an optional workshop, please send an email to [email protected].  Leaders must approve workshop completion within the Admin section of the tracker. Remember required tasks within the Tracks are your responsibiity to mark complete.

5) Are there any optional workshops with specific dates?

We mention that everything is open and on-going, but there are a couple optional activities with specific dates.

The UC Davis Entrepreneurship  Academy is held at a specific time each year. The next academy is Sept. 15-17, 2105

The EMT Research Day is help in January each year. The upcoming event will be Jan. 8th -9th, 2015