We are committed to training graduate students in science and risk communication. We also provide opportunities and training to students who have an interest in sharing their knowledge and experience with K-12 students, teachers, and diverse communities.

Trainee Forms

Monthly ColloquiumEHSC Colloquiums

Environmental Health Sciences Trainee Colloquium - This is a monthly seminar series that allows the OSU SRP Trainees and other scientists to share their research to the OSU and PNNL communities.

Past Highlights

Seminar:  Communicating Science and Risk Beyond Academia

In the Fall of 2013, 44 graduate students completed the seminar.

Learning Outcomes

    • Describe risk perception
    • Examine and explain the risk /hazard equation
    • Communicate research impact in plain language and in a meaningful way
    • Tailor message to specific audiences
    • Share best practices for writing for the web and selected social media
    • Discuss ways that blogs and twitter are useful for scientists and grad students

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In the Winter of 2011, we assisted with a seminar:

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Students got into groups of three and practiced sharing about their research in plain language.