Elucidating Metabolic and Physicochemical Mechanisms of PAH Susceptibility in Toxicity Test Systems and Humans 

Project Leaders:  Justin Teeguarden, Jordan Smith


Drs. Teeguarden, Smith, Wright and El-Khoury are working to elucidate the molecular basis for susceptibility to PAH exposures.  The Teeguarden team is defining differences in PAH metabolic capacity and PAH tissue distribution that could influence PAH susceptibility in humans, HBE cells, and zebrafish embryos. They will determine how toxic tissue doses in test systems compare to those experienced by humans.

Research Questions:  How can we link the toxicological responses across model organisms and investigative systems to allow researchers and stakeholders to better understand the effects of PAH exposure?  How can that data provide an understanding of human variability and the biological mechanisms of PAH toxicity?  How can we contextualize toxicity test system results in terms of real human exposures?

Connecting Research across the Center: The Teeguarden team will collaborate with Anderson and Simonich, who are working at the Portland Harbor Superfund Site, at McCormick & Baxter, at the Port of St. Helens, and on Tribal lands.