Predicting the Toxicity of Complex PAH Mixtures

Project Leaders:  Robyn Tanguay and Lisa Truong


The Tanguay/Truong team is working to determine how transient embryonic developmental exposures to individual PAHs and PAH mixtures influence early development and adult cardiovascular fitness and neurobehavior. They are also evaluating the potential transgenerational impacts of PAHs and mixtures.

Research Questions:  Do typical environmental exposures to PAHs threaten human health? Can we identify gene expression pathways diagnostic for exposure to each PAH category? How do transient developmental exposures of zebrafish to individual PAHs and PAH mixtures influence those zebrafish during adulthood? Which PAHs and PAH mixtures produce transgenerational adverse outcomes following transient developmental exposures?

Connecting Research across the Center: The Tanguay research team collaborates with Dr. Anderson, who is working with the Portland Harbor Superfund Site (PHSS), McCormick & Baxter, the Port of St. Helens, Tribes, and Oregon DEQ. Anderson measures PAH composition, environmental flow, and the success of remediation; Tanguay is assessing the toxicity of individual PAHs and mixtures. Tanguay also collaborates with Simonich to provide pre- and post-remediation toxicological data to Superfund site managers.