• Kim Anderson (PI) and Drs. Kincl, Herbstman and Waters transition R21 into R33 phase for their grant "Personal Enviromental Exposure Assessment Using Wristbands for Epidemiological Studies in Disadvantaged Communities." Dr. Anderson is the Director of the Chemistry Core and Dr. Waters is the Director of the Bioinformatics & Modeling Core.
  • Kim Anderson receives grant from the California Breast Cancer Research Foundation. This collaborative project between Dr. Anderson (Chemistry Core) and Dr. Kim Harley of UC-Berkeley is titled" Peer-to-peer reduction of pesticide exposure to Latina youth."
  • Dave Williams receives pilot funding from OSU Agricultural Research Foundation Competitive Grants Program. Dave Williams (Project 1) began a one year project titled: Phytochemical Supplement from Cruciferous Vegetables and Protection of the Fetus from Exposure to Carcinogens: Role of Long Non-Coding RNAs.
  • David Stone was awarded a 5 year subcontract from a 5 year multi million dollar UC-Davis EPA grant titled "The Pesticide Safety Materials Collaborative."
  • SRP Trainee Shawn Bugel receives NIH K99 award: Dr. Bugel is a post-doc working with Dr. Robyn Tanguay. The title of his project is "Systems Approach to Define AhR Ligand Toxicity on Reproductive System Development."
  • The Division of Environmental Chemistry of the American Chemical Society awarded the 2016 Graduate Student Paper Award to Ivan Titaley for his paper "Identification and Toxicological Evaluation of Unsubstituted PAHs and Novel PAH Derivatives in Pavement Sealcoat Products." This is the highest award given to students by the Division of Environmental Chemistry.


  • The Superfund Research Center has been awarded The James and Mildred Oldfield/E.R. Jackman Team Award.  The purpose of the award is to recognize superior and distinguished interdisciplinary team achievements through teaching, research, international, or extended education activities of faculty and staff. Presentation of this award will serve to highlight the importance of interdisciplinary team effort in achieving the goals of the College of Agricultural Sciences, Oregon State University and of Oregon agriculture, and to show in a tangible way that the College stands strongly behind such efforts.
  • David Williams (Project 1 Leader) has been presented the Award of Excellence in recognition of his program “Beneficial and Adverse Effects of Natural Chemicals on Human Health and Food Safety” from The Western Assoc. of Ag. Experiment Station Directors. Williams will also receive the Arnold Leadership award, which recognizes an administrator for outstanding contributions to the research mission by of the College of Agricultural Science at Oregon State University. The award will be presented at University Days in September.
  • Robyn Tanguay has been awarded a new, 3-year grant from NSF for $300k  entitled: "Integrating nanoparticle design and in vivo testing to proactively reduce environmental impacts"
  • Mitra Geier (Project 3 Trainee) was able to attend The International Neurotoxicology Association and Neurobehavioral Teratology Society joint meeting last month with her Externship Award from the SRP Training Core.
  • Anna Chlebowksi (Project 5 Trainee) has been awarded three years of competitive NIH-funded NRSA Fellowship support for her doctoral research titled: "Toxicology and environmental occurrence of novel nitrated polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons."  
  • Stacey Harper (Training Core Co-Leader) has been promoted to Associate Professor and awarded tenure.
  • Robyn Tanguay (Center Director, Project 3 Leader, Project 4 Co-Investigator) has received a three-year award from the EPA entitled: "Defining Flame Retardants Adverse Outcome Pathway".  This project will test the hypothesis that the toxicity of flame retardant chemicals (FRCs) is highly dependent on their chemical structure and conduct the first comprehensive in vivo, structure-activity based toxicity studies of FRCs.
  • Lisandra Santiago-Delgado (Project 5 Trainee) has been awarded a 2015 KC Donnelly Externship Award Supplement from NIEHS. Lisandra will spend time in Ada, OK with the US EPA working on thermal remediation of PAHs. See blog post
  • Staci Simonich (Project 5 leader)has been selected to be the recipient of the 2015 President’s Commission on the Status of Women University Mentoring and Professional Development Award. She also received an "Excellence in Graduate Mentoring Award" from the OSU Graduate School.
  • Dave Stone (RTC Co-leader) is now serving on the Air Toxic Science Advisory Committee. This committee is part of State of Oregon Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) Air Quality Division Environmental/Technical Services.
  • Leah Chibwe (Project 5 Trainee) and Greta Frey (CEC Trainee) were awarded an Oregon Lottery Graduate Scholarship for the 2015-16 academic year. These scholarships are awarded based upon the academic merit and scholarly achievement of the nominees
  • Ivan Titaley (Project 5 Trainee) was selected by Dr. Dayle Smith as a sponsored fellow at the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL) to get hands-on training in modeling of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons. To financially support Ivan on this unique training opportunity, he has been awarded an SRP Trainee Externship Award through the SRP Training Core. This activity provides important synergy between Project 5 and Core C - Biostatistics and Modeling. Read more
  • Marc Elie (Project 3 PostDoc Trainee) was awarded Best Presentation in the “Assessing the Toxicity of Environmental Contaminants” symposium at the 249th ACS meeting in Denver. The title of his presentation was "Assessing the uptake and effects of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons and their oxygenated derivatives on zebrafish using a metabolomics approach".
  • Holly Dixon (Project 4 Trainee) has been recognized as an Oregon State University ARCS Scholar. This award is for an incoming or new PhD student in the College of Agricultural Sciences. As an ARCS Scholar she will receive a generous stipend for 3 years to support her graduate studies.
  • Leah Chibwe (Project 5 Trainee) has been selected as a winner of one of the 2015 Graduate Student Paper Awards.  This is the highest award given to students by the Division of Environmental Chemistry of the American Chemical Society. Leah will present her paper (“Aerobic Bioremediation of PAH Contaminated Soil Results in Increased Toxicity and No Change in Excess Lifetime Cancer Risk”) this fall in Boston at the special C. Ellen Gonter Environmental Chemistry Awards Symposium.
  • EMT Research Day Student Awards: Poster Winners - First Place: Blair Paulik (Project 4), “What’s in the air? Using passive sampling to study fracking”, Second Place: Anna Chlebowski (Project 5), “Quantitative analysis of PAH and NPAh sorption to polystyrene 96-well plates”, Third Place: Andrea Knecht (Project 3), “Developmental Exposure to Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAHs) Affects Behavior and Energetics in Larval and Adult Zebrafish” Platform winners - Second Place: (Tie) Leah Chibwe (Project 5), “ Identification and toxicity of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon (PAH) transformation products in bioremediated soils” and Erin Madeen (Project 1), “Assessment of a human cytochrome P450 1B1 transgenic mouse model of cancer”
  • Leah Chibwe (Project 5 Trainee) received one of the 2015 Graduate Student Awards in Environmental Chemistry from the Division of Environmental Chemistry of the American Chemical Society.


  • Molly Kile (CEC) was elected to the Executive Council for the International Society for Environmental Epidemiology.
  • Kim Anderson (Core D and Project 4 PI) will serve on the Oregon Air Toxics Science Advisory Committee.
  • Kim Anderson (Core D and Project 4 PI) will serve on the National Academies (National Academy of Sciences, National Academy of Engineering, Institute of Medicine and National Research Council) Advisory Board for the Gulf Research Program.
  • Justin Teeguarden (Core B) and Robyn Tanguay (PI and Project 3) will serve on a National Academies and National and Research Council “Committee on Incorporating 21st Century Science into Risk-Based Evaluations
  • Erin Madeen has been awarded the first TRiC grant to get training at UC Irvine. Learn more.
  • Dave Williams has been appointed as a permanent member of the Systemic Injury by Environmental Exposure (SIEE) Study Section for the NIH Center for Scientific Review, for a term beginning September 1, 2014 and ending June 30, 2017.  Members are selected on the basis of their demonstrated competence and achievement in their scientific discipline as evidenced by the quality of research accomplishments, publications in scientific journals, and other significant scientific activities, achievements and honors.
  • Dave Williams (Center Director and Project 1 Leader) presented "Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons as Transplacental Carcinogens"  at the PANWAT (Pacific Northwest Association of Toxicologists) Meeting in September 2014. He then won the PANWAT Achievement Award.
  • Kim Anderson (Project 4, Core D Leader) has received a new research award from the Air Force for a new project Titled: "Evaluation of a Novel Passive Dosimeter:  Detection of Aircraft Exhaust
    Compounds."  This is a $100,000 award for a 6 month Phase 1 project with potential for future funding.
  • PostDoc Trainee Tod Harper won “Best Postdoctoral Presentation” at PANWAT (Pacific Northwest Association of Toxicologists).  Tod was also awarded a Student/New Investigator Travel award to attend the EMGS (Environmental Mutagenesis and Genomics Society) meeting in Orlando.  While at the meeting he won "Runner Up (2nd place) for New Investigator Poster Presentation" for poster titled "Analysis of dibenzo[def,p]chrysene adduct formation in a transplacental chemoprevention model using stable isotope dilution UPLC-MS/MS”.
  • Molly Kile (Community Engagement Core Co-leader) was awarded a 5-year R01 grant from NIEHS  titled “Developmental exposure to arsenic and immune function in children”. This will follow up children aged 3- 5 years that were previously recruited into a birth cohort in Bangladesh to examine the relationship between early life exposure to arsenic and their susceptibility to infectious diseases.
  • Katrina Waters (Core C Leader and Deputy Director of Biological Sciences at PNNL) was appointed to a new National Academies Study on Predictive-Toxicology Approaches. The study committee will evaluate modern toxicology approaches for use by the Department of Defense to predict toxicity, in efforts to prevent debilitating acute exposures to deployed personnel. Story
  • Stacey Harper (Training Core Co-Leader) has been awarded the 2014 Savery Outstanding Young Faculty Award. The Savery award is presented each year to a faculty member of the OSU College of Agricultural Sciences, to recognize outstanding contributions through teaching, research, international, and/or extended education activities. Read more
  • Staci Simonich (Project 5 Leader) has been awarded a new 3-year grant as PI from NSF entitled: "Photochemical Aging of Asian Particulate Matter: Formation of Oxygenated Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons".  The award is for just under $300,000 over the funding period and the start date is Aug. 15 2014.
  • Trainee Andres Cardenas is a winner of a 2014 KC Donnelly Externship Award. He will spend 8 weeks at the Dartmouth SRP Center.
  • Trainee Leah Chibwe has received an Emerging Leader Award from the Division of Environmental Chemistry of the American Chemical Society. She will be recognized at the Annual Meeting in August 2014 in San Francisco.
  • 2013 paper, entitled “Impact of Pregnancy on the Pharmacokinetics of Dibenzo[def,p]chrysene in Mice” (Toxicol Sci135: 48) has been selected by a committee of the Risk Assessment Specialty Section as one of the Best Papers Published in 2013 Demonstrating Application of Risk Assessment.   Recognition of the authors will take place at the SOT Annual Meeting.


  • Robyn Tanguay's lab publication received an Editor's Highlight in the Jan. 2014 Toxicological Sciences journal. Read story
  • Andy Larkin has won a travel award to present a poster at The Pacific Basin Corsortium for Environment and Health in Hawaii from Sept. 24-26, 2013.  His abstract is entitled: "Adapting Technology Acceptance and Simplification models for Sharing Environmental Research with the General Public".
  • The Awards & Honors Committee of the Environmental Mutagenesis and Genomics Society (EMGS) has selected Andy Larkin to receive one of the EMGS Student and New Investigator Travel Awards for 2013. This is a merit-based award in recognition of the excellence of his research progress and promise as a long-term contributor to research in topics related to the mission of EMGS. Andy will attend the EMGS Annual Meeting in Monterey, Sept. 21-25, 2013.
  • Staci Simonich has been selected by the Faculty Recognition and Awards Committee as the 2013 recipient of the OSU Impact Award for Outstanding Scholarship. She will be recognized during University Day on September 19. Dr. Simonich has also been named as a new Associate Editor for the new journal Environmental Science and Technology Letters.
  • OSU SRP has received two KC Donnelly Externship Award from NIEHS for 2013:
    Trainee Leah Chibwe, working in Dr. Staci Simonich's laboratory and Trainee Erin Madeen, working in Dr. Dave William's laboratory. In addition to these awards, Audrey Bone from the Duke SRP has received a 2013 KC Donnelly Externship Award to work here at the OSU SRP under the mentorship of Dr. Robyn Tanguay.
  • SRP Trainee Britton Goodale (Tanguay Lab) received the 2013 Women's Center Student award for her PAH research contributions and publications. She has taken on leadership roles and is a trusted and dependable student worker in the Tanguay lab. She was nominated by Dr. Craig Marcus (Dept Chair of Environmental and Molecular Toxicology and SRP Training Core Leader). Pictures on Facebook
  • Bridging environmental mixtures and toxic effects paper was awarded one of the top five manuscripts published in ET&C in 2012. The July issue of ET&C highlighted these papers and chose a "Best Paper". This paper won first-runner up.
  • SRP Trainee Andy Larkin won 2nd place in the Scholars' Insights competition in which 32 graduate students shared their research to the public in 3-minutes with one slide. See the video.
  • SRP Trainee Erin Madeen received a RSESS Travel Award to go to the 2013 annual SOT meeting in March. The poster she presented was entitled, "In Vivo human pharmacokinetics of dibenzo[def,p]chrysene (DBC) following microdosing. Bridging the gap between high dose animal data and environmentally relevant human exposures".  She also won the Diversity Advancement Pipeline Fellowship from the OSU Provost's office.
  • SRP Trainee Oleksii Motorykin (Project 5) has received a second very prestigious award from the Division of Environmental Chemistry of the American Chemical Society.  He has been selected as a winner of one of the 2013 Graduate Student Paper Awards. This is the highest award given to students by the Division of Environmental Chemistry to its student members.  The paper for which he is receiving the award is:
    O. Motorykin, M. Matzke, K. Waters, S. Massey Simonich*.  “Association of Carcinogenic Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbon Emissions and Smoking with Lung Cancer Mortality Rates on a Global Scale”.  Environmental Science and Technology, in press.
  • Oleksii Motorykin, working in Dr. Staci Simonich's laboratory, has been selected as a winner of  an American Chemical Society 2013 Graduate Student Award in Environmental Chemistry. See story from NIEHS



  • Carlos Manzano, a graduate student in Project 5, received a prestigious 2012 Student Paper Award from the American Chemical Society (ACS). See story from NIEHS
  • Robyn Tanguay received an EPA grant award, "Toxicity Screening with Zebrafish Assay".  The award is for three years and almost two million dollars in funding to examine the developmental toxicology of at least 1000 chemicals.
  • Norman Forsberg was selected to receive a highly competitive  OSU Diversity Advancement Pipeline Fellowship from the OSU Graduate School for the 2012-13 academic year. Norm will receive one academic year of funding which includes both a full stipend and tuition remission. Norm will use this award to complete his PhD in Dr. Kim Anderson's research group, Project 4.
  • Britton Goodale (grad student with Dr. Robyn Tanguay in Project 3) was selected to receive a highly competitive  OSU  2012-13 P.F. & Nellie Buck Yerex Graduate Fellowship from the OSU Graduate School for the 2012-13 academic year. Britton will receive one academic year of substantial funding in the form of a stipend.