The Administrative Core is responsible for defining the mission of the OSU/PNNL SRP Center.  The Core ensures the paths to pursue that mission are clearly communicated internally and externally, providing our investigators with necessary tools to achieve those goals, developing a long-term vision to meet stakeholder needs and fill in missing gaps in the science required to make the most informed regulatory decisions possible.


1: Lead strategic planning exercises to articulate our mission, clarify our vision of the future, and establish goals we wish to pursue. Organize the SRP’s personnel and other resources into projects and cores aimed at fulfilling our mission, realizing our vision of the future, and achieving our goals.

2: In consultation with our Advisors, oversee performance of the research projects and support cores and provide support in their efforts to achieve excellence.

3: Oversee the translation of SRP research and provide effective liaison with SRP stakeholders, NIEHS SRP staff, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL), and various organizations within Oregon State University.

4: Provide sound management of the center’s financial resources and attract new financial resources while maintaining a nimble posture to promote innovation and enable the SRP to take advantage of unexpected opportunities.