The OSU Superfund developed a disaster Institutional Review Board in 2017. This IRB has since been used to respond to several disasters and scenarios with emerging chemical contaminants.

Our IRB protocol consists of the following:

  1. Blanket protocol (shared upon request)
    1. 48-hour review period
  2. Adaptable recruitment cards
    1. Includes individuals across the lifespan
  3. Adaptable in-person verbal consent cards
  4. Adaptable virtual consent
  5. Adaptable virtual assent
  6. Questionnaires
    1. Demographic information
    2. Disaster specific information (flooding, injury, etc.)
    3. Health information
  7. Passive wristband samplers (more info here)
    1. Wristband FAQ
  8. Return of data to study participants
    1. Linking peer review with personal report-back (
    2. Hurricane Harvey Study update (
    3. Hurricane Florence Study update (
  9. Considerations for ethical disaster response


The OSU disaster IRB has been used to collect data following Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Florence.


Depiction of the OSU Superfund response to disasters.