The SRC Training Core leads the effort to support graduate and postdoctoral level cross-disciplinary training in fields related to environmental health and environmental science/engineering. The SRC Training Program includes vital technical cross-training and solving real-world problems facing the Superfund Research Program.

The Center PIs and Core Directors will help trainees to create individualized training plans composed of elements across the six training strategies to meet their unique needs (shown in Figure 1).

IDP components graph

Each experiential learning activity is designated as 1 to 3 “units” depending on the time commitment and expectations of the activity. A total of 6 units will be required for PhD SRC Trainees and 3 units will be required for MS SRC Trainees.

Each unit will count toward 1 credit of TOX 699, our "special topics" course, and will appear on the trainee's transcripts with the title of the training activity.

Trainees will also be expected to engage in professional development offerings of the SRC and their individual program.

View and download a description and listing of activity options for the IDP.


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